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You’re In Good Company
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The Exciting Task of Collecting your new Puppy from the Breeder


This is one of the most exciting experiences as long as your are well prepared in advance. It’s the first moment you will meet a lifelong friend and companion so make sure it’s a great experience….

There are a few essentials you cannot forget, these include:

• comfortable dog carrier.
• cosy blanket.
• water and food for longer journeys.

Most breeders will introduce you to your puppy a couple of times before it’s ready to go home with you. Even still it may be a little nervous being seperated from it’s first home. Below are a few helpful tips:

• Try to minimise exposure to loud noises.
• Settle your puppy in a carrier.
• Don’t let children or adults handle the puppy too much if it’s nervous.
• Keep your puppy well ventilated.
• If the puppy shows signs of distress sit quietly and comfort it.
• Make sure you give your puppy comfort breaks and take spare bedding – puppies are inclined to wee when nervous or excited!
• Ensure you follow socialisation guidance from the breeder and continue this training for at least a further eight weeks. There are many socialisation tips available online for new owners.

We loved our first encounter with our new puppy and one thing you may want to make sure you have is a camera to capture those precious moments. We are two weeks into having Lavender as part of our family and she is loving life and settling in really well.
I will keep you updated on a weekly basis with any tips I feel you may need.  Good luck Bx