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You’re In Good Company
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You’re In Good Company
5 Star Reviews

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  • My dog is allergic to chicken?

    Hydrate+ is hypoallergenic – made with hydrolysed chicken liver which is a process that breaks it down to simple protein and flavour, removing the allergens.

  • When my dog drinks Hydrate+ he/she seems to urinate more – should I be concerned?

    This is ok, they are drinking more fluids than they normally would with plain water, so are better hydrated and will absorb what they need, but also they will probably have to go to the toilet a little more, but its nothing to worry about.

  • My dog is diabetic – is it safe to offer Hydrate+?

    Yes Hydrate+ contains only 2% glucose, which is to provide simple energy for the digestive system and tired muscles.

  • Will Hydrate+ give my pet a high energy boost?

    No Hydrate+ only 2% dextrose which is a simple glucose for body cells, energy/soft drinks can contain between 8 to 12% sugar.

  • My pet has renal problems is it ok to offer Hydrate+?

    Hydrate+ is safe to use with pets that have chronic renal problems, as it has zero phosphorous and is low sodium. Often pets with renal and urinary problems need to drink more fluids to keep hydrated and flush out their system for better organ function.

  • Can my pet drink too much - overdose?

    There is a recommended feeding guide to show what amount is optimum for your dogs hydration support, but if they drink more its okay, whatever minerals they don’t absorb will be passed in urine.

  • Dogs and cats don’t sweat – so why do they need an electrolyte drink?

    Unlike humans they use panting and other methods to cool themselves which causes moisture loss, but not electrolytes. However electrolyte drinks have been proven by clinical trials that they encourage dogs to drink more fluids faster and for longer when hot or stressed, and are therefore better hydrated. Tests also revealed no abnormal levels of electrolytes in their blood system during these trials as they pass what ever they do not need or absorb through urine.

  • Can other animals drink it?

    Yes anything carnivorous – ferret, hedgehog, tiger, badger, and many more.


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